How To Compete During Crankworx

…without all those pesky bikes.

Dual Speed + Style

Everyone is a winner in this dually delicious event which runs from 5-6pm, Monday through Friday. Take down the plate of wings with your own unique style, whether an all-in stripper or little bites to the bone, and use the jug of beer to help you speed across the finish line in time for another round. Entrance is only $15 for the whole event.

Pump Track

This is about upper body strength and a will to win. The chicken and ribs at Three Below for $20 are meant to be pumped straight into your body with gusto. There’s no braking and definitely no peddling of mediocre fare here. Only the best makes it onto the plate and only the strong make it out on a weekend night.


Straight down, no mercy. 4 shots for $14. Every. Night. At your friendly neighbourhood Three Below.


This multi-stage event is all about longevity, perseverance, and being generally awesome. The venue selected showcases the best of what Whistler has to offer: epic people and delicious beer. Racing with friends, over a series of days, from the flats of the patio to the tops of the barstools is the name of the game in order to win beer for a year. A completed Beer Passport at Brickworks is your ticket to being crowned champion at the enduro of beer drinking.

Whip Off

The Whip-Off is about shenanigans. It’s physics-defying, clothing optional, skill, style and guts – basically everything that makes up a good story. Saddle up and tell your local bartender the nuttiest thing you did during Crankworx; make their day.


This is what it’s all about. It is the defining night of the entire 10 days, people flock here to watch the best of the best show what they are made of. The Beer Pairing Dinner featuring Coast Mountain Brewing pits the finest of Coast’s craft brews up against the Brickworks chef’s new tricks. Who will win the battle of the flavours and steal the ultimate prize, your favour?