Proper Whistler Après Ski Etiquette

Let’s be honest, you didn’t move to Whistler because it would be an easy place to settle down; you moved here for the mountains and their sweet powdery reward. Chasing pow comes with the territory here and après-ski is the ultimate ending to any epic day. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep your après ski etiquette up to par this winter season.

What to do

Ski, eat, drink… but not the other way around. Your legs are bound to feel like Jell-O at the end of a day and shots of whiskey in the morning will only speed up the process. Save the drinks for after your turns and head to Whistler village to celebrate your hard work on the hill.

What not to do

Mistake a midweek après ski session for your besties’s bachelor party. Try to keep things PG – or at least 18A – because there is nothing worse than waking up to a sleeper pow day with a bangin’ headache. Trust us, your head will thank you in the morning!

Where to go

If you have an affinity for chicken wings, you’ll want to come see us at Three Below, where $20 gets you a plate of wings and a pitcher of beer from 3-5pm daily (excluding Thursdays). Join us for Curry Night on Wednesdays and enjoy a bowl of curry and a beer for only $18. Better yet, we’ll have live tunes by Lazy Ghost on December 20 from 9pm – 11pm so make sure you swing by for an extended après session.  Or, if you’re looking for some more ski boot tappin’ tunes, head to The Brickworks Public House on a Wednesday or Saturday for an epic après music session from 3-5pm.

Where not to go

Home, alone. Après ski just isn’t the same without friends so grab your buds and head to Three Below to celebrate what was evidently one of the most epic days you ever had on the mountain.

What to wear

Base layers, ski pants and a toque (Canadian for beanie). Après ski is probably one of the only places where it is socially acceptable to wear underwear in public, so feel free to strut your stuff. We promise we won’t judge you.

What not to wear

Street wear is taboo on the après ski circuit. Leave your new Levi jeans or Artizia sweater for another day. Today is a day to rock out in your ski boots.