The Art of Pregame in Whistler

Partying in Whistler is a right, not a privilege so take full advantage by starting your night off early with some pregame drinks and entertainment at Three Below. Here are some guidelines to help ensure you make the most of your night out:

You don’t need music to party, but it helps

Save the deep and meaningful conversations for another time, partying is best served with a side of sick beats. Come check out our Throwback Thursdays with Mr. Twitch; DJ sets served with $5.75 double highballs and $4.25 beers. The perfect pregame for Locals Night at Garf’s!

Drink deals are sweeter than candy

Finding sweet drink deals is the key to having a fun fueled night and we have no shortage of them at Three Below. Here are just a few of our faves, available every night:

  • $7 for a shooter and a beer from 11pm – close
  • $6.75 double highballs
  • 4 shots for $14
  • $4.75 bottles of MGD or Kokanee


View our full list of food and drink specials here.

Drinking is a great icebreaker

True Whistlerites don’t let the newcomer drink alone at the bar; they buy them a drink instead. The best part about pregaming at Three Below is the opportunity to pick up a few stragglers and bring them along for the wild ride. You never know, you might just end up meeting your new best friend, and at the very least, you’re in for some quality entertainment.

Don’t wait until the weekend to have fun

Midweek is when all the creatures – we mean locals – come out, with epic parties taking place at Maxx Fish on Mondays, Moe Joe’s on Tuesdays, and Garf’s on Thursdays.  What better way to start off your night underground than with a pregame underground with us?

Everything in moderation

Perhaps the most important rule in pregaming is knowing your limit and staying within it. The nightlife in Whistler is fun but hangovers are not. Make sure to drink lots of water and to fill you belly with food before a big night out. Luckily for you, we have an awesome food menu to keep you fueled.

Recovery is key

We all need a night off once in a while. Well… unless you’re Super(wo)man. There’s no shame in taking some downtime and the best way to do it is to take full advantage of our Dinner & a Movie Deal, available Monday – Thursday! $20 gets you an entrée and a movie ticket to Imagine Cinemas.