The Ultimate Checklist for Every Budding Whistlerite

Moving to a new place is a very brave thing to do. It’s one of those things you’re going to look back on, when your life is more predictable, and wear as a badge of honour – and rightly so! Just getting here is hard, it takes a lot of research, planning, time and money; but once you’re here, and settled in, now what? The truly exciting part is just beginning – building a new life, discovering new things, and meeting new people. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 6 must see and do for every new Whistlerite.

The Mountains

Whistler Blackcomb, that’s why we’re here. They are two side by side, world-class beasts just begging to be biked, hiked, skied or rode on. And, as if you needed any more incentive, the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is the highest lift of its kind and boasts the longest unsupported span, which is essentially flying.

The Lakes

There are 5 major lakes in Whistler – Alpha and Alta, Green, Lost, and Nita. Jump in them, swim in them, run or ski around them; just get to know them.

The Nightlife

We all told our parents we were coming here to experience the mountains and the natural environment. What we didn’t tell them was that the Whistler party scene rivals most cities and is home to some of the best-looking athletes this side of Olympic Tinder. Dip in to Three Below for the best drink deals in town, orphan dinners (if you’re new and missing your family around the holidays), affordable home-style meals and some superb banter with the bartender.

The Waterfalls

We’re not going to make a cliché comment about what you should or shouldn’t be chasing here. What we are going to do is tell you is that although the waterfalls around town may be pictured excessively on Instagram, it’s for a reason. Check out Alexander, Nairn, or Brandywine easily – and if you’re lucky, a long-time local might take you to a secret spot or two.

The Festivals

Whatever you’re into, there’s a fest for that. Yoga, music, skiing, snowboarding, biking, photography, eating, drinking – there is literally a festival for each of these things in Whistler. Get involved as a volunteer or just show up and soak in the vibes but don’t forget about the free swag!

The Après

No matter what your activity is, even if it’s just work, après applies. Find one of the patios in town (Brickworks is the newest and has daily drink specials) and people watch until it’s too dark to see. Keep your eyes peeled for the inevitable ski boot wobble, most impressive past 11pm.

Welcome to town, you’re going to love it.